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Welcome to Tang Hall Employment

Welcome to Tang Hall Employment. Since September 2023, we have supported 7 people into supported employment, and we are planning to add more in the new year. The supported employees have taken on a variety of jobs including teacher, support assistant, hospitality and event management.

It makes such a huge difference to someone when they start to get paid for the work they are doing as the quotations on the 'about' page demonstrate.

Our charity relies exclusively on grant funding and donations. Nearly all of this goes directly into wages for the supported employees, as the trustees and Sue Williamson volunteer their time to further the good works of Tang Hall Employment and the various office functions/space we require are donated by Tang Hall SMART.

Please help us if you can so we can extend our work, and begin to partner with addtional employers around York. Donations can be made via the paypal button at the bottom of the home page, or by contacting Sue directly to arrange a direct transfer., at



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